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Be smart while mowing the lawn

(HealthDay News) -- Power mowers may seem easy to operate, but they can be deadly if misused.

You should follow these safety rules before you start mowing the lawn:

  • Ensure that underage children are inside the home or are at a safe distance from the mower.
  • Never allow kids under 12 to use a power mower, or people under 16 to use a riding mower.
  • Carefully read the mower's operating instructions.
  • Never mow during a thunderstorm, poor lighting or when the grass is wet.
  • Clear objects such as stones, sticks and toys that could be struck and projected by the mower blade.
  • Inspect your mower to make sure it is in good working condition and that all safety guards are in place.
  • If using an electric mower, reduce the risk of electric shock by using a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Attribution: -- Diana Kohnle


American Academy of Pediatrics

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First published: 06/13/2013
Last updated: 06/13/2013