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Suggested books: Family illness/disability for teens

The "C" Word - Teenagers and Their Families Living with Cancer
by Elena Dorfman; Newsage Press, 1993
Five candid and inspiring stories of teens with cancer

You and an Illness in Your Family
by Tabitha Wainwright; Rosen Publishing Group, 2001.
Multicultural teen photos, chapters about illness, change, and where to go for help.

Coping When a Parent Has Cancer
by Linda Leopald Strauss; Rosen Publishing Group, 1988.
Straight forward information for teens about the disease process and family grief reactions.

Teens with AIDS Speak Out
by Mary Kittridge; Julian Messner, March 1992.
What it is, how it is spread and what it's like to live with an illness that may end their lives.

Coping When a Parent Has AIDS
by Barbara Hermie Draimin; Rosen Publishing Group, 1993.
Caring and to the point, prepares reader for changes and problems to be faced during and after a parent's illness

Nothing to Be Ashamed Of: Growing Up with Mental Illness in Your Family
by Sherry Dinner; Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1989
Junior non-fiction explains mental illnesses, Alzheimer's and eating disorders

When Heroes Die
by Penny Raife Durant; Antheum, 1992
Teen fiction; Uncle Rob has AIDS

My Brother Has AIDS
by Deborah Davis; Antheum, 1994
Teen fiction; 13-year-old Lacy's brother returns home to die of AIDS

Compiled by Judy Young, M.Ed 612-262-7026

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