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Suggested books: Grief support for men

You may find these and other excellent resources for men at your local library or bookstore.

Being a Gentle Man
by Glen Pickering; Whole Person Associates, 1993
The writer reflects on control, letting go, compromise, acceptance, forgiveness, vulnerability, relationships, perfectionism, workaholism, spiritual growth and religion.

A Grief Observed
by C. S. Lewis; HarperSanFrancisco, 2001
First published in 1961 under the name N. W. Clerk, it is the author's journal of doubts, rage and faith journey following the death of his wife.

Grief Therapy for Men
by Linus Mundy; Abbey Press, 1998
This little book has 46 pages of practical suggestions (e.g. when to act boldly, when to just be).

Griefquest: Men Coping with Loss
by Robert Miller, Stephen J. Hrycyniak; Saint Mary's Press, 1999
This book of spiritual meditations is written for men and the women who care about them.

When a Man Faces Grief/A Man You Know is Grieving
by Thomas Golden; Willowgreen Publishing, 1998
One half of this small book speaks to male grievers. The other half speaks to people who care about them.

Men and Grief: A Guide for Men Surviving the Death of a Loved One
by Carol Staudocher; New Harbinger Publications Inc., 1991
This is a resource for caregivers and mental health professionals.

Our Mothers' Spirits: Great Writers on the Death of Mothers and the Grief of Men
edited by Bob Blauner; Regan Books, 1999
This anthology is organized in these categories: before death; when a mother dies young; good deaths, bad deaths; suicide and euthanasia; regret; alienation; re-conceiving the mother; her spirit lives on.

She Never Said Goodbye: One Man's Journey Through Loss
by Robert Dykstra; Shaw, 1990
A man struggles to find faith and hope again after his wife's suicide. This book is out of print. But you may be able to find it at a library or used book store.

Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing
by Thomas Golden; Golden Healing Publishing, 1997
Assists both men and women heal with the masculine side of loss.

Triumph Over Tragedy
by Bobby Petrocelli, Chris Frederick; WRS Group, Incorporated, 1994
Bobby Petrocelli shares an inspiring story of grief and recovery after his wife was killed by a drunk driver.

Walking Upstream: Men in Pain and How We Heal
by Scott D. Moore; Crescent and Quill, 1997
This pocket-sized book of short observations is out of print. You may be able to find it at a library or used book store. The author has provided copies to area hospices. Please contact them to borrow the book if you are unable to find it in your library or used book store.

When Men Grieve: Why Men Grieve Differently and How You Can Help
by Elizabeth Levang; Fairview Press, 1998
Through many personal stories and commentary, a psychologist explains the unique ways men grieve and advises women in supporting men who are grieving.

Why Her? Why Now? A Man's Journey Through Love and Grief
by Lon Elmer; Bantam Dell Publishing Group, 1994
A man gives an honest and hopeful account of losing his wife to cancer.

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Source: Allina Grief Resources

First published: 11/01/1998
Last updated: 03/10/2005

Reviewed by: Judy Young, M Ed, manager of education and bereavement, Allina Hospice & Palliative Care