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Suggested books: Children's journals, grief workbooks and blank books

Drawing Out Feelings Series, $ 6.95
(Death, Serious Illness, Trauma, Divorce, Alcoholism and Parent Remarries)
by Marge Heegaard
Publisher: Woodland Press, 99 Woodland Circle, Minneapolis MN 55424
Phone: 1-612-926-2665

Bereavement Support Group for Children, Leader Manual $12.96, Participant Workbooks $6.95
by Hassi and Marnocha
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

Bare Books, $1.09 to $5.92 each
(Several sizes of blank books with covers to color or covers to design. Also lineguides, plastic book covers, plastic crayons, etc.)
Publisher: Treetop Publishing, PO Box 085567, Racine WI 53408
Phone: 1-414-884-0501

Forever in My Heart, $ 6.95
by Jennifer Levins, 1992, Compassion Books
(Interactive story book related to a parent's illness and dying)

Remembering Special Days, $ 6.95
by Jennifer Levins
(Interactive story book related to remembering)
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope, $12.95
by Robert Ziegler, MD
(How-to Techniques and instructions to make personalized story books to help children deal with loss & trauma)
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

Helping Children Heal From Loss: A Keepsake Book of Special Memories, $12.95
by Van-Si and Powers
(Guides children in preparation of photos, artwork and writings to commemorate someone who has died.
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

When My Daddy Died, $ 8.95
by Janice Hammond
(Coloring Book/Workbook. Preface for adults)
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

A Book for You from Kids Like You, $12.50
by Burrel & Coe
(Workbook of letters, quotes and drawings plus lots of fill-in space by the kids at Fernside, a center for grieving children)
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

When a Grandparent Dies (Jewish), $14.95 
by Nechama Liss-Levinson, Ph.D.
("A Kid's Own Remembering Workbook for Shiva and the Year Beyond")
Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing, 1-802-457-4000

The Last Goodbye I (Ages 8-12), $4.95
The Last Goodbye II (Ages 13+), $4.95
by Jim & Joan Boulden, 1994
(Information about grief and room to process feelings)
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

Saying Goodbye (Ages 4-8) , $3.95
by Jim Boulden
(Coloring book style - cartoons and activities to help children understand the finality of death)
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

So Much to Think About, $4.95
by Fred Rogers
(Activity book for children - safe, warm, comforting
Compassion Books, 1-704-675-9670

My Memory Book, $8.95, less in bulk)
by Gretchen Gaines-Lane
(20 exercises plus 20 pages for creativity)
Publisher: Chi Rho Press, 1-301-670-1859

Compiled by Judy Young, M.Ed., Grief Counselor, Allina Hospitals and Clinics
Phone: 651-241-4026

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