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Suggested books:Father Loss

You may find these and other excellent grief resources at your local library or bookstore.

The Day My Father Died: Women Share Their Stories of Love, Loss, and Life
By Diane Ajian, 1994
Sentiment frames many of the portraits in this anthology of original nonfiction prose, poetry and book excerpts by 25 women writing about their fathers' deaths. All of these women struggle with self-respect; many must come to terms with their father's sins: substance abuse, abandonment and sexual abuse.

Fatherloss: How Sons of All Ages Come to Terms with the Deaths of Their Dads
By Neil Chethik, 2000 (paperback, Sept. 2001)
This book contains information on: how a son can prepare for his loss; coping immediately following the death; a woman's role in helping men through it; and the different ways men grieve.

Longing For Dad: Father Loss and Its Impact
By Beth M. Erickson, PH.D.
Dr. Beth Erickson shows you how to identify, validate and heal the pain surrounding father loss and explore the spiritual crises of unresolved loss generates. By sharing compelling case studies of men and women, and her own personal struggle to accept her father's death, she guides you through the healing process.

Fathers Aren’t Supposed to Die: Five Brothers Unite to Say Goodbye
By T.M. Shine
The Shine family discovers, there is nothing that trains us to navigate death's terrain, and nothing we can do to come out of the experience unscathed: death slams us in ways we can never possibly have fathomed. At once heart-wrenching, insightful, and piercingly witty, Fathers Aren't Supposed to Die masterfully captures the devastating experience of trying to come to terms with a parent's death.

Remembrance of Father: Words to Heal the Heart
By Jonathon Lazear, 1995
Remembrance of Father allows people who have lost their fathers to reflect on the influence and presence their fathers have had in their lives. Using poetry, brief essays, and quotations from famous writers and drawing on the hard-earned wisdom of men and women whose father have died, this book is an opportunity for reflection, mourning, and honoring a father's memory.

Fatherless Women: How We Change After We Lose Our Dads
By Clea Simon 2002
There is a special bond between a father and a daughter, and when that bond is broken by death, a woman's life can change in profound and unexpected ways. Filled with moving stories of real women, this poignant, comforting, and insightful book paves the way for all women to make peace with the past, with the adults they have become, and to courageously face the question: what happens next?

On Grieving the Death of a Father
By Harold Ivan Smith, 1994
Not many books have been written to help the grieving son or daughter deal with the new reality of a deceased father. Smith has combined personal stories from Frederick Buechner, Norman Vincent Peale, Corrie ten Boom, James Dobson, and many other well- known people to help others through their grieving process.

When Parents Die: A Guide for Adults
By Edward Myers
In this sensitive guide, Edward Myers offers sensible, compassionate advice to those coping with the death of a parent. Enriched by the voices of bereavement experts, clinicians, and individual men and women who have suffered the loss of a parent, When Parents Die will lead the grieving toward insight, growth, solace, and acceptance.

The Death Of a Parent: Reflections for Adults Mourning the Loss of a Father or Mother
By Delle Chatma
The Death of a Parent: Reflections for Adults Mourning the Loss of a Father or Mother is filled with stories of people who have lost a parent and how they dealt with the reality of that event. Eighteen stories divided into eight sections touch on a wide range of emotions and situations related to grief, loss and moving on with one's life in a healthy manner. A spiritual reflection concludes each section.

The Orphaned Adult: Understanding and Coping with Grief and Change After the Death of Our Parents
By Alexander Levy
The Orphaned Adult validates the wide array of disorienting emotions that can accompany the death of our parents by sharing both the author's heart-felt experience of loss and the moving stories of countless adults who have shared their losses with him.

When ParentsDie: Learning to Live with the Loss of a Parent
By Rebecca Abrams
First published in 1992, When Parents Die draws not only on Rebecca Abrams' own evolving understanding of parental loss but also on the experiences of young children, teenagers or adults who have suffered the loss of a parent.



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