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Integrative health and medicine: Professional education

Integrative health combines Western medicine with therapies from other healing traditions. The Penny George™ Institute for Health and Healing offers medical professionals opportunities to earn continuing education credits while expanding their ability to take a whole person approach to care -- treating a patient's body, mind and spirit.

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Ongoing education opportunities

Healing Touch Level 1

Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The two-day course is for registered nurses, licensed health care professionals, body-oriented therapists, psychotherapists or other individuals who desire to incorporate energy system concepts, principles and techniques into their practice. It can be taken alone or can be combined with future advanced levels.

Healing Touch Level 2

Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The two-day Level 2 course is for students who have completed Level 1 and wish to increase breadth and depth in the study of healing touch.

Healing Touch Level 3

Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Level 3 is for students who want more in-depth skills in healing touch, and have successfully completed Level 1 and Level 2.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Penny George Institute Outpatient Clinic, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Caregivers provide deep listening, kindness and steady presence to others. Yet, care settings often overflow with relentless stress and responsibilities, increasing one's vulnerability to anxiety, depression, grief and spiritual emptiness. Research shows that personal resilience is greatly supported by a daily mindfulness meditation practice.

This introductory course is comprised of eight weekly sessions that include walking, eating, sitting, and yoga meditation, instruction, group discussion and a full day retreat.

Transformative Nurse Training

The Transformative Nurse Training program was developed by integrative health nurses at the Penny George Institute to offer nurses an opportunity for personal and professional transformation. It is a unique educational offering grounded in holistic nursing philosophy, principles and theory. The program emphasizes relationship-centered care and introduces participants to various healing and belief systems, providing nurses with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enhance care through an integrative and holistic approach.

Taught by integrative health nurses and practitioners, the thirty-two hour curriculum emphasizes professional practice, personal development, and self care. It explores practices such as massage, guided imagery and relaxation. Teaching methods include lecture, interactive discussions, and experiential practice sessions and mentorship.

For more information, contact Pat Vitale at or by calling 612-863-7775.