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Excellian, the electronic health records system of Allina Health
Remote access

Excellian® remote access

To log in and for log-in instructions, go to

For technical assistance, call 612-262-1900 or 1-800-315-4085.

Remote access to Excellian gives providers full read/write access to Excellian from outside of an Allina Health hospital or clinic. It allows providers the ability to not only view a patient's Excellian electronic health record, but also make updates to it.

Essentially, users have the same capabilities with remote access to Excellian as if they were using Excellian within the hospital or clinic itself.

Remote access to Excellian is connected directly to the Allina Health Excellian database, so the information is always current. Remote access to Excellian offers:

  • full read and write capability
  • the ability to update documentation and patient information
  • the ability to place orders
  • InBasket messaging
  • chart review
  • lab and procedure results

Intended users for Excellian® remote access

Remote access to Excellian is available at no cost to all providers who have completed Excellian training and are practicing at any Allina Health hospital or clinic using Excellian for patient care.


To ensure the security and confidentiality of patient information, providers with remote access to Excellian will use a small device called an RSA Security Token to verify their identity each time they want to log-in to Excellian from a remote (outside of Allina Health) location.

How to sign up

Upon successful completion of the Excellian training assessment, providers will be asked to confirm their interest in receiving remote access to Excellian. Those interested can start the process for a remote access token at that time.

Upon credentialing and external access agreement verification, a remote access token will be sent to Allina Health-employed providers by interoffice mail. Providers not employed by Allina Health will receive their remote access token via Federal Express mail to their business address.

If you would like more information about remote access to Excellian prior to the training assessment, or, if you did not sign up for remote access during that time, call the Allina Health Service Desk at 612-262-1900 or or 1-800-315-4085.

More questions? Call the Allina Health Service Desk at 612-262-1900
or 1-800-315-4085.

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