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Medical records

One patient. One electronic health record.

Allina Health has one of the most comprehensive electronic health record systems in the nation. Our electronic health record system enhances how we deliver your care:

  • Timely access to your health information – With the click of a mouse, caregivers can see your complete medical history, giving them immediate, easy access to your information.
  • Immediate safety checks – The system automatically cross-checks your allergies and current medications with any new prescriptions being considered. Your caregiver will immediately know if there is a potential drug or allergy interaction and can order a different medicine without delay.
  • Quicker access to test results – Your caregiver is notified by email when test results have been added to your electronic health record, eliminating the need for test results to travel from the lab.
  • Providing information once – Because each Allina Health facility has access to this information, you only need to provide your information once, saving time and eliminating hassle.

Electronic health records: Questions and answers

What is an electronic health record?
Why is Allina Health using an electronic health record system in all of its hospitals and clinics?
Who will have access to my medical information?
How will having an electronic health record affect the care I receive?
Will I have to provide information every time I visit an Allina Health clinic or hospital?
What if I need to take my health records to another clinic or hospital?

Caroline Toll, MD, answers questions about the use of electronic health records.