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Billing and insurance

Online bill payment

For your convenience, you can pay your Allina Health clinic or hospital bill online.

Financial assistance services

Providing access to necessary medical care regardless of one's ability to pay is important. That's why we offer programs to help patients meet their financial needs.

Questions about your account?
Call 612-262-9000 or 1-800-859-5077.

View billing statements and pay bills online with MyChart.

You may also contact us via email at Your email should include:

  • your account number (if available)
  • the patient’s:
    • name
    • home address and
    • phone number
  • your name
  • your relationship to the patient, for identity verification purposes

Without this information, our ability to assist you via email is limited.

Clinic billing: Questions and answers

How do I know if my insurance company will cover my visit or certain services?
When do I pay my co-pay?
What are my payment options?
When will I receive a bill? When am I responsible for my bill?
How does my insurance company know what services I received?
May I request a change in the coding for a service I received?
Will the clinic bill my insurance company, worker's compensation or medical liability carrier for my visit?

Health maintenance and well-child exams

What are preventive services?
Are preventive services covered by health insurance or Medicare?
What if during my wellness exam, my doctor recommends services not covered by my insurance?
What if my insurance covers my annual exam, but I have a problem I would like my doctor to treat at the same time?

Convenient online payment

Hospital billing questions and answers

Do I need to tell my insurance company that I will be in the hospital? And what will they cover?
Should I bring my insurance card with me to the hospital?
Will you bill my insurance company for me?
How will I know if my insurance company has paid my bill?
How do I follow up with my insurance company?
When will I receive a bill?
How can I pay my patient balance?
What if I get more than one bill?
When do I become responsible for my bill?

Convenient online payment

Medicare billing questions and answers

Do I have to sign any forms before you can bill Medicare?
Can I write one check for all my bills?
I have other health insurance in addition to Medicare. Will you bill that insurance company also?
I saw a consulting physician specialist at one of your clinics. Will those charges be on my clinic bill?
I was never admitted to the hospital. Why am I getting a hospital bill?
Should I pay the balance labeled 'your total responsibility' on Part B of my Medicare statement?
What if I get more than one bill?
What is a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN)?

What is the difference between Part A and Part B Medicare Summary Notice?
What should I do with the monthly statements I get from Medicare?
Whom can I contact with questions about my bill?
Why do I have to give you information about other insurance if I have Medicare coverage?
Will I have to pay anything for my hospitalization or clinic visit?