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Be prepared in case of an emergency

Health forms and schedules

My Medicine List - We support the Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety's campaign to prevent medication errors by encouraging everyone to carry an up-to-date list of their medicines with them at all times.

It is important to have easy access to your medical information in case of an emergency. Here are some suggestions to help you get organized:

MyChart - Sign up and get easy online access to your health information wherever and whenever you need it. Immunization and allergy records, current medications and health issues as well as your past medical history are all at your fingertips.

Adobe Reader required to view emergency medical information card Emergency medical information card - Simply filling out this card and putting it in your wallet can save time and help medical personnel provide the best treatment.

Health library information

First aid

First aid is the initial care of injury or illnesses. First aid can be given by non-medical experts until more advanced medical care arrives.

Recognizing medical emergencies

What exactly is an emergency and how can you be certain you need to call 911? To help you decide, look for these warning signs...

a surgeon performs surgery in an operating room surrounded by surgical team members

What You Need to Know About Surgery

This manual can help ease your mind about having an operation by letting you know what to expect before surgery and after surgery.