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Clinical Pastoral Education Center

Frequently asked questions: Allina Health Clinical Pastoral Education

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About our program

Allina Health Clinical Pastoral Education Center strives to empower students to provide meaningful and effective ministry, while strengthening their emotional and spiritual health.

What is clinical pastoral education (CPE)?

Clinical pastoral education (CPE) is a method of theological education, by which a student learns pastoral skills in a supervised ministry setting. CPE seeks to provide a nurturing and stimulating setting for the student to gain self-awareness, pastoral identity and competence, integration of theology and practice, and awareness of human worth and potential.

What do Allina Health CPE students do and learn?

Our students serve as chaplains at one of our hospital locations.

They extend spiritual care to people coping with health crises, such as hospitalization, chronic and terminal illness, or the imminent or recent death of a loved one. In doing so, our students:

  • Participate in a wide range of clinical opportunities
  • Reflect and dialogue about encounters with patients, families, and staff
  • Learn from and with CPE peers, valuing all perspectives
  • Integrate faith, theology, experience, and "soul" into professional expressions
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with physicians, nurses, chaplains, and peers as part of the interdisciplinary care model
  • Draw on the latest thinking in behavioral science, systems theory, ethics, and value-based decision making

Where do your students learn?

Although the Allina Health Clinical Pastoral Education Center main office is located at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, MN, students’ learning experiences can occur at any of the these Allina Health hospitals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan area:

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What are your different program offerings?

We offer three main courses/programs:

  • Internship
  • Residency
  • Supervisor education

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How can I apply for one of your programs?

Complete the Allina Health CPE Center Application