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Credentialing and provider enrollment requirements

An overview

Thank you for your interest in Allina Health. Below is an overview of the credentialing, provider enrollment and onboarding process at Allina Health prior to being able to provide care and services to patients.

Clinical credentialing and privileging

This process applies to practitioners who will be caring for patients at an Allina Health facility. Key elements of the process include but may not be limited to the completion of the.

  • Minnesota uniform application
  • hospital specific privilege forms
  • background studies
  • authorization and release forms
  • immunization records

Provider enrollment

This process generally applies to practitioners who will be employees of Allina Health.

By completing this process, it ensures the practitioner is enrolled with Medicare, Medicaid and applicable third-party payers to that Allina Health can bill and be reimbursed for care, treatment or services provided at an Allina Health facility.

Please note that the rules and systems used to complete provider enrollment varies across health plans.

If applicable, you would receive from the Allina Health Provider Enrollment Team information that would begin the process that sets you up as a billing provider with Medicare, Medicaid and third-party payers.


Requirements for clinical credentialing, privileging and provider enrollment processes are driven by The Joint Commission (TJC), the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), Medical Staff Bylaws and, Allina Health policies and procedures.

In all cases, the length of time required to complete the credentialing processes are influenced by how timely Allina Health receives completed information and its verification.

In the event you would be an employee of Allina Health we make every effort to use the information collected during your hiring process. However, we may ask for updated or additional information.

Again, thank you for considering Allina Health. We look forward to having you join our efforts to transform health care and achieve best quality outcomes for our patients.