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Cancer care: Brain tumor

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Brain tumor and neuro-oncology care

medical illustration of the brain

Your nervous system controls how you sense and react to the world around you. It involves your brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves.

Our experts know how tumors in the brain or spine affect the nervous system. They can work with you to minimize those effects.

Hearing that you or a loved one may have a brain tumor is frightening – especially if it could be cancer.

Our neuro-oncology experts know what it takes to fight tumors of the brain and spine. They have the skills and compassion to bring you and your family through cancer diagnosis and treatment.

What is neuro-oncology?
What is a brain tumor?
What is a metastatic brain tumor?

Source: American Cancer Society; Virginia Piper Cancer Institute; Nasseff Neuroscience Center; National Cancer Institute
Reviewed by: Timothy Sielaff, MD, PhD, FACS, president, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
First Published: 10/14/2009
Last Reviewed: 10/14/2009