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Maternity & newborn care

Maternity and newborn care

To contact the maternity and newborn care department,
call 763-688-7886.

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At Cambridge Medical Center we want only the best for you and your family. We believe that the birth of a new baby is one of life's most important events, that's why you'll be cared for by experienced nurses using the latest technology.

Amidst the monitors and technology, we haven't forgotten the new family in the making. Our combined hospital and clinic facilities allow you to receive all your care at one site.

Care team

The maternity nursing staff work hard to make your stay with us pleasurable, and as personalized as possible. Our private birthing rooms are spacious with soaking tubs, a television, and wireless internet to make your stay comfortable. We encourage your significant other to stay with you in the hospital and offer a large recliner for his or her comfort.

Safety and security measures

There are also a number of infant safety and security measures in place:

Infant security information for parents

We support our new parents as you become acquainted with your new baby by limiting separation from your little miracle. However, occasionally babies are born a little early or with special needs. We have a Level II nursery with trained nursing staff and pediatricians to care for baby just down the hall from your room.

If your birth plan includes the use of an epidural for pain relief rest assured our anesthesia department is available 24 hours a day.

For our mothers who will be delivering their baby by Cesarean section, our surgical suite is located just down the hall next to the nursery on the maternity floor.


Becoming a parent is filled with many uncertainties and questions. We offer on-site prenatal classes to prepare you for your journey into parenthood. We also have staff trained as certified lactation counselors to assist you with your breastfeeding needs.

View a list of childbirth and parenting classes offered at Cambrige Medical Center.

Partners in Pregnancy

Partners in Pregnancy

To contact Partners in Pregnancy or to schedule an appointment,
call 763-688-7725.

Pregnancy is a new and exciting time, especially if this is your first pregnancy. If you're like most expectant moms you're probably filled with questions and concerns. A little extra support could be just what the doctor ordered!

Partners in Pregnancy is here to offer you reassurance, guidance and encouragement during this important time. Our clinic is staffed by experienced labor and delivery nurses, who have additional certification in lactation consulting.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment as soon as you know you are pregnant.

  • Often patients will see us before their first appointment with their obstetrics provider. Our nurses will answer your questions and concerns, and offer educational support to promote a healthy pregnancy.
  • About 4 weeks before your due date, schedule a second appointment to discuss your labor and delivery options and expectations. This appointment is in addition to any childbirth education classes you might take.
  • After you and your new baby have returned home, you will have a follow-up visit at the clinic. During this visit we will assess the health of you and your new baby, help you with infant care or feeding concerns, and provide support for breast feeding moms.

There is no charge for these appointments, if you are seeing a Cambridge Medical Center provider for your obstetrics care. You will continue to see your chosen physician or midwife throughout your pregnancy.

Breastfeeding / lactation support

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for both mother and baby, and many new mothers look forward to bonding with their newborns through it.

In addition to the emotional benefits of this experience, research shows breastfeeding can lower a baby's risk for:

  • ear and upper respiratory infections
  • allergies
  • sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • chronic conditions in adulthood, including diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease

Additional lactation support is also available for new moms regardless of where they deliver. There is a small fee for this service. It is covered by many insurance plans.

Family medicine ?

Amy Haupert, MD

Dawn Shreifels, MD

Obstetrics and gynecology ?

Ross J. Anderson, MD

Newborn care/pediatrics ?

Lowell Becker, MD

Christopher Filetti, MD

Sue Morrow, CNP

Nurse midwives ?

Susan Parker Hovinen, RN, CNM, MS

Rhonda Dendinger, RN, CNM, MS

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Certified nurse-midwife

The nurse-midwife is educated and trained to provide a broad range of health care services for women and newborns.

Learn more about a certified nurse midwife.