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Cambridge Medical Center

Allina Health Cambridge Clinic

Cambridge Medical Center

Allina Health Cambridge Clinic
Cambridge Medical Center
701 South Dellwood
Cambridge, MN 55008

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A large multi-specialty clinic is located on the Cambridge Medical Center campus.
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Clinic hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To make an appointment,
call 763-689-8700 anytime.

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There are 75+ providers on staff and 25+ consulting physicians providing specialty care. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our medical staff and look forward to partnering with you in your medical care.

If you live in Chisago County, and North Branch is a more convenient location for you, some Cambridge Medical Center physicians also provide services at Allina Health North Branch Clinic.

Primary care providers

Family medicine ?

Rebecca Autio, MD (care team partner: Carolyn Kampa, MD)

Greg Andrle, DO

Sarah Berg, PA-C

Dale Berry, MD

Melissa K. Craig, MD

Shari Graham, MD

Gretchen Grandgenett, MD

Amy Haupert, MD

Luke Hintermeister, MD

Carolyn Kampa, MD (care team partner: Rebecca Autio, CNP)

Debra Larson, MD

Allen Mork, MD

Anne Olson, MD

David Pearson, MD

Kay Rombalski, MD

Dawn Schreifels, MD

Carrie Smith, CNP

Daniel C. Wallace, MD

Stephen Winselman, MD

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Family medicine

A family doctor is concerned with the general health needs of people of all ages. Focusing on the primary care of you and your family, he or she can refer you to a specialist or community resources when appropriate.

Internal medicine ?

Donald Deye, MD

John Ruddy, MD

Andrew Peltier, MD

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Internal medicine

Our internal medicine specialists provide care at the clinic and in the hospital. These personal doctors help adolescents, adults and the elderly manage common and complex conditions.

Obstetrics & Gynecology ?

Ross Anderson, MD

Rhonda Dendinger, CNM

Kathleen Guetschoff,WH-CNP

Susan Hovinen, CNM

Gail Lundeen, MD

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Obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN)

Some women choose an obstetrician/gynecologist as a main health care provider. OB/GYNs are doctors who specialize in the care of the female reproductive system, including pregnancy and childbirth. Nurse practitioners also can specialize in health care for women.

Pediatrics and adolescent medicine ?

Lowell Becker, MD

Christopher Filetti, MD

Gwen MacDonald, MD

Sue Morrow, CNP

Lisa Schweiger, MD

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Pediatricians are doctors who care for children. They specialize in the emotional, physical and social growth of babies to teens.


Allergy ?

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An allergist is a doctor who can identify and address problems like allergies, asthma, eczema, hay fever, and bad allergic reactions.

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Anesthesiology (pain management)

Anesthesiologists are doctors who specialize in pain relief and the care of patients having surgery and medical procedures.

Audiology (hearing care) ?

Belinda McCurry, AuD*

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Audiology (hearing care)

Our hearing specialists – audiologists – identify and evaluate hearing loss. They can also help you prevent or live with hearing loss.

Cancer / oncology ?

Sanda Morar, MD*

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Cancer (medical oncology)

Cancer is a general term for more than 100 diseases caused by uncontrolled, abnormal cell growth. Medical oncologists are doctors who treat cancer.

Cardiology ?

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Cardiovascular disease (cardiology)

Cardiologists are doctors who identify, treat and help you manage conditions like angina, heart attack, heart rhythm problems, high blood pressure, peripheral artery disease (PAD) and stroke.

Dermatology (skin care)?

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Dermatology (skin care)

Dermatology is about the skin, as well as the hair, mouth and nails. Dermatologists recognize how your "outer layer" can reveal internal problems as they treat skin problems in adults and children.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT, otolaryngology) ?

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Ear, nose and throat (ENT, otolaryngology)

Otolaryngologists or head and neck surgeons are doctors who treat conditions affecting the ears, face, jaw, nose, sinuses and throat. They use their knowledge of breathing and eating to treat and prevent allergies, hearing loss, voice loss and other problems.

General surgery ?

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General surgery

Sometimes a disease, injury or birth defect requires surgery. Our specialists are here for you before, during and after an operation. They use best practices and equipment to make sure you receive the most accurate diagnosis, treatment and care.

Infectious disease ?

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Infectious disease

Infectious disease specialists diagnose and treat all kinds of infections. This includes illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

Nephrology ?

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Optometry (eye services)

Optometrists diagnose vision problems, prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses, and treat eye problems.

Neurology ?

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Neurologists are doctors who detect and treat problems with the nervous system. Your nervous system controls how you sense and react to the world around you. It involves your brain, spinal cord, muscles and nerves.

Optometry (eye services) ?

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Ophthalmology (eye care)

Ophthalmologists are doctors who specialize in the medical and surgical care of eyes and in the prevention of eye disease and injury.

Orthopedics ?

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Orthopedic surgery

Your bones and muscles form the framework of your body. An orthopedic surgeon helps preserve and restore this framework by medical, surgical and physical means.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Podiatry (foot care)





Vascular services

* For the convenience of our patients, we proudly offer the services of independent providers.