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Buffalo Hospital

  Cancer care

Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® – Buffalo Hospital

Buffalo Hospital patient room.

The rooms where patients receive chemotherapy have comfortable heated chairs, a recliner for a family member or friend, flat-screen TV, DVD player and iPads.

For more about cancer care at Buffalo Hospital email us or call 763-684-7747.

Wig and styling services

Fantasia Salon proudly serves patients of the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute - Buffalo Hospital.

Every Thursday, a professional stylist is on location for wig consultation appointments and to answer questions. As your hair grows back, appointments for cutting and styling needs can be made at their location in Crystal.

To make a wig consultation appointment, please speak to a member of the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute staff. Appointments last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Financial support for wig purchases may be available through the Buffalo Hospital Foundation. Please speak to a staff member if you are interested.

After the first shock of a cancer diagnosis, you may think you'll travel far and wide to get the best treatment. The truth is, there are proven treatments that produce the best outcomes and they are now available right here in Buffalo.

To provide high-quality care locally for cancer patients, Buffalo Hospital has assembled a team that includes:

  • a medical oncologist
  • a surgeon
  • a genetic counselor
  • a pathologist
  • specially trained staff.

"We collaborate with the award winning Virginia Piper Cancer Institute®– Abbott Northwestern Hospital and other Allina Health cancer specialists to bring expertise and experience, but deliver as much care as possible locally in Buffalo," said Nicole Hartung, MD, medical oncologist, Allina Health Clinic – Buffalo.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network records details about cancer cases and tracks the treatment "pathways" that produce the best results. "We follow the same evidence-based 'pathways' used by major cancer centers around the country," said Hartung.

Biopsies and surgical treatment for breast cancer

It's hard to wait for test results when you might have cancer. If mammograms indicate a potential cancer, patients are always offered a same-day needle biopsy, with no waiting, at Buffalo Hospital.

If surgery is required, cancer surgeries can be done at Buffalo Hospital. "With pathology on-site we can do most breast surgeries, including sentinel node, in the same up-to-date manner as major cancer centers," said Corinne Jordan, MD, Specialists in General Surgery, surgeon at Buffalo Hospital and medical advisor at Virginia Piper Cancer Institute.

Moving forward

After surgical treatments, Hartung works with patients to manage cancer and prevent recurrence with medicines, including chemotherapy.

Fighting cancer can seem overwhelming at times. At Buffalo Hospital, a nurse "care navigator" guides you through the treatment process, making appointments for you, answering questions, monitoring follow-up, offering support groups and suggestions for postmastectomy products in the case of breast cancer, and even attending appointments with you if you need it.

Also, a certified genetic counselor is available to help patients and their families assess their risk for cancer.

We also have specialty services like physical and occupational therapy, lymphedema therapy, adaptive devices, pain management alternatives and nutritional support.

Cancer support for the working adult

We offer a support group to provide a forum for those with cancer to share information and gain support from each other. Meetings are facilitated by a cancer care coordinator (registered nurse). For more information, call 763-684-7749 or visit us online.

Source: Healthy Communities Magazine, Fall 2012 edition
Reviewed by: Nicole Hartung, MD, medical oncologist, Allina Health Clinic – Buffalo
First Published: 10/09/2012
Last Reviewed: 10/09/2012