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Buffalo Hospital

IV Therapy

Health care providers can schedule IV therapy at Buffalo Hospital’s Surgery and Outpatient Center by calling

Nurses at Buffalo Hospital’s Surgery and Outpatient Center provide outpatients with IV (intravenous) therapies. Intravenous therapies, ordered by a health care provider, include:

  • IV fluid hydration
  • antibiotics
  • remicade
  • IVIG (intra venous immunoglobin)
  • blood transfusions

Nurses also are specially trained to manage common IV lines and special IV’s such as Groshongs, Portacaths, and PICC (peripherally inserted central catheters).

While at the Surgery and Outpatient Center, patients are given a private room with a recliner, cable TV and internet access. Our nurses provide individual care and ensure you understand the IV therapy and what signs and symptoms to watch for after the infusion.