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Birth Center patient story

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Tapper family experience times five

A mother of five shares her experience at Buffalo Hospital in a letter to the hospital.

Dear Buffalo Hospital Staff and Volunteers:

I delivered my fifth baby at Buffalo Hospital’s Birth Center in April 2008. Our little Soren came a bit early for medical reasons and he arrived screaming at 35 weeks and six days. Because of breathing and feeding challenges, Soren was a guest at the Birth Center for eight days. Thankfully, I was invited to stay with him for the duration of his stay. I can't tell you what a gift this was to our family!

For a little history on our family, I delivered my first baby in the fall of 2003 at Buffalo Hospital by C-section. We returned almost every year after that for another surgery and healthy, loud baby! What a blessing! You staff is exceptional in making the arrival of a new baby the most memorable experience in our lives. Your doctors and nurses have a very special place in my heart because of the fabulous care and personal connection they made with us each time we stayed in the Birth Center.

Soren’s arrival

This last stay was extra special. My little Soren had more challenges to overcome than our other babies, which we were prepared for, but preparation does not make the experience any less scary.

Being able to stay at the hospital with my baby was one of the greatest gifts the hospital could have ever given us. I was able to heal, rest and bond with my baby as I cheered him on through his growth and development.

The amazing thing, was that I felt like the entire hospital was cheering Soren on as well. Every morning, a new member of the staff or administration visited our room with time and eagerness to chat, stories to share, sometimes a newspaper to connect me to the outside world, and a general great start the day ahead. The pediatricians, obstetricians, nurses, medical technicians, cleaning staff, kitchen staff and volunteers were the most caring people I have ever met. Dr. Minke and Dr. Loken are like angels on earth to our family!

Thank you all for caring so much for your patients – for getting personal with us and making a connection. When I left the Birth Center with my little bundle, finally breathing and eating on his own, we were sent off with hugs, smiles and sincere well wishes. I felt like I was leaving dear friends that I had gotten so close to in the eight days we stayed. We shared a very personal time in my life and the life of my baby, making each person who walked into our room special.

I hear stories from friends who have less than stellar experiences at other hospitals and I just breath a sigh of relief and pass on the word that Buffalo is a wonderful place to go. I have recently run into many of my nurses at activities for our children and it always feel like home when I see their faces – it's like reconnecting with a dear friend. How amazing that they remember me, with all the patients that they have! That shows me that they truly invest in their work and love what they do.

What you are doing with your facility is making a difference. Please continue to keep it personal-from a patient and mother, it matters and we appreciate it more than you know.

God bless all of you!
Kimberly Tapper