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Buffalo Hospital

Quality & Safety Annual Report

Building a Culture of Excellence and Safety at Buffalo Hospital

2010 was a year of great strides at Buffalo Hospital. Overall quality, patient safety, patient experience and performance improvement outcomes demonstrated a culture dedicated to achieving and sustaining excellence.

Buffalo Hospital is committed to transparency and to meeting the needs and expectations of our patients. Sharing performance results empowers patients, staff, leaders and stakeholders to make informed health care choices. To improve, we have to measure. This report reflects the enormous effort that goes into measurement and serves as a means of conveying the organization’s accomplishments in key areas.

In addition to the information provided in this annual report, the organization realized the following significant accomplishments in 2010:

  • Thomson Reuters recognized Buffalo Hospital as one of the nation’s Top 100 Hospitals. Buffalo Hospital was also one of 23 hospitals honored with the Everest Award, which recognizes both the highest current performance and the fastest long-term improvement over five years.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health designated the Buffalo Hospital Emergency Department as a Level III Trauma center.
  • Staff were recognized by the Minnesota Hospital Association's "Good Catch for Safety" award for their diligent efforts in identifying significant patient safety opportunities for improvement.
  • Allina Health recognized both the Birth Center and Med-Surg for their significant improvements in Patient Experience as demonstrated with significant improvement in HCAHPS scores.
  • The American Association of Blood Banks surveyed and accredited the hospital laboratory for another two years.
  • The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy conducted an unannounced survey and inspection of the Buffalo Hospital pharmacy in September of 2010 with no significant findings.

The quality, safety and service work completed in 2010 serves as a strong foundation for the strategic initiatives which lie ahead in 2011. This work is representative of a comprehensive quality and safety program which encompasses the organization through the efforts of physicians, staff and leaders. As we celebrate our 2010 accomplishments, we also recognize that we need to continually strive to meet the needs of our patients and improve outcomes of care.

Gretchen Frederick, RN,
Director of Patient Care
Buffalo Hospital

MA Corey Martin, MD
Director of Medical Affairs
Buffalo Hospital