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Buffalo Hospital

Birth Center

For more information about the Birth Center,
call 763-684-7640.
To arrange a tour,
call 763-684-7025.

The birth of your baby is a moment you will never forget. Everyone at Buffalo Hospital's Birth Center is committed to making sure it's an exceptional experience to cherish.

Our Birth Center is a peaceful place to celebrate new beginnings in an environment designed for family-centered care.

Features include:

  • experienced doctors and nurses to care for you and your newborn
  • spacious labor and delivery rooms with the latest technology close at hand, yet uniquely designed to nurture and support mothers throughout the birthing experience
  • comfortable postpartum suites featuring private soaking tubs, flat-screen TV, wireless internet, refrigerator, rocking chair, bench seating and plenty of room for families and friends to gather and celebrate
  • Level II nursery for babies born prematurely or with special care needs
  • a private room for lactation specialists to counsel breastfeeding mothers
  • two waiting areas for our visiting family and friends
  • two Triage rooms for outpatient observation and procedures
  • beautiful artwork designed by local artists to promote a healing landscape design

Exceptional care

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Your care team of doctors and nurses is highly trained to provide delivery, post-partum and newborn care for you and your baby. We deliver more than 650 babies a year, yet every birth is a precious and unique experience.

Our doctors and nurses work closely with mothers every step of the way—from pre-natal care through delivery and post-natal treatment—to ensure you a healthy pregnancy and the best-possible birthing experience.

Upon arrival, laboring moms settle into a private labor and delivery room. No matter what your labor is like, you can rest assured that our experts are trained and experienced in all types of deliveries.

After your baby is born, we move you to a private postpartum suite to continue bonding with your newborn and to learn how to care for him or her. All newborns receive a Halo SleepSack wearable blanket as a gift from Buffalo Hospital Foundation. Not only does it swaddle your baby in warmth, but is designed to promote safe sleep.

Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming, so we place an emphasis on educating parents. Our nurses work individually with new mothers, teaching baby care, breastfeeding and providing on-going support to ensure success.


We invite you to take a tour of our beautiful Center. To register for a tour call 763-684-7025.

You can also view panoramic tours online.

Level II Nursery

For more information about the Birth Center,
call 763-684-7640.
To arrange a tour,
call 763-684-7025.

Several times each month, a baby is born who needs a little extra medical care in the Buffalo Hospital Birth Center's Level II nursery.

Some are premature. Most just need temporary help with things like maintaining oxygen and blood sugar levels as they adjust to life outside the womb.

The Level II nursery keeps babies near their parents while they receive treatment and rest in high-tech baby warmers.

Babies who require additional breathing support or intensive care may be transferred to our affiliate Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota.

"The Level II nursery is a huge benefit for our area," said Jimmy Ching, MD, a pediatrician with Allina Health Clinic – Buffalo. "The nursing staff is great. We can keep babies here while they transition from birth to routine care. The separate rooms keep the noise and activity of the Level II area away from the other babies."

Kristina Loken, MD, a Buffalo Clinic pediatrician, said the Level II nursery means that babies can be with their moms as much as possible.

"If we had just Level I, even the babies who need a little special care for a day or two would have to be moved to a different hospital," Loken said. "The Level II nursery keeps families near home and their support systems."

Doctors can do minor medical procedures in the Level II nursery. Its isolation room is rarely needed, but can be used for situations such as a baby who comes in from outside the hospital.

Loken and Ching have attended deliveries at Buffalo Hospital for more than a decade. They are just two of the 38 doctors who care for newborns and participate in the specialized care of Level II babies at the hospital.

Source: Healthy Communities Magazine, Fall 2012 edition
Reviewed by: Jimmy Ching, MD, Allina Health Clinic – Buffalo; Kristina Loken, MD, Buffalo Clinic
First Published: 10/09/2012
Last Reviewed: 10/09/2012

Lactation services

For more information about the Birth Center,
call 763-684-7640.
To arrange a tour,
call 763-684-7025.

We would like to help make your breastfeeding experience successful. Our internationally board-certified lactation consultants are here to assist you and answer your questions.

Lactation services include:

  • counseling, information and support before, during and after your stay at Buffalo Hospital
  • prenatal breastfeeding classes
  • Outpatient consultation services can be scheduled by calling 763-684-7640.
  • breast pumps (to purchase or rent) and other supplemental feeding devices are available at Allina Health Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment, located across the street from the hospital.


For more information about the Birth Center,
call 763-684-7640.
To arrange a tour,
call 763-684-7025.

Having a baby can be overwhelming with so much to learn. We're here to help and offer several classes, online tools and newsletters to help with your pregnancy or parenting related questions or concerns.

Pregnancy, birth and parenting classes

Buffalo Hospital offers a variety of classes to help you prepare for having a baby. View and sign up for classes.

Allina Health Pregnancy Care

Allina Health Pregnancy Care at offers many tools and resources that will be helpful to you during and after your pregnancy.

You’ll find in-depth information about:

  • pregnancy and your health during each trimester
  • preparing for labor and delivery
  • preparing for your baby
  • giving birth
  • your hospital stay
  • caring for your infant

Monthly Pregnancy & Parenting eMagazine

You can receive a free monthly parenting eMagazine that offers information customized to your due date, starting with pre-conception and continuing through the first three months of parenthood. To sign up, visit

Patient stories

For more information about the Birth Center,
call 763-684-7640.
To arrange a tour,
call 763-684-7025.

At Buffalo Hospital our goal is provide excellent care to every patient, every day. When it comes to measuring how we do - our patients say it best.

Smith family

The Smith's story

Our entire care team at Buffalo was positive and offered the perfect balance of privacy with close monitoring of my condition

Safi Dabet

Providing for safer births

Teri McNelis, MD, of Allina Health Clinic – Buffalo, discusses vaginal birth after Cesarean with patient Safi Dabet and her daughter, Angela. In September, Dabet gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Buffalo Hospital.

Michenfelder family

The Michenfelders choose Buffalo Hospital again and again and again – and again!

Amy Michenfelder and her husband Pat live in St. Michael. Below they share how they choose Buffalo Hospital’s Birth Center for all four of their babies.


Buffalo Hospital takes extra special care of your unexpected deliveries

Andrew Abel was working in downtown Minneapolis on July 17, when he received a phone call from Buffalo Hospital. "It was a nurse telling me my wife was about to deliver our baby," recalls Andrew. "The surprising part—he wasn’t due for another seven weeks."

Tapper Family story

Tapper family experience times five

I delivered my fifth baby at Buffalo Hospital’s Birth Center in April 2008. Our little Soren came a bit early for medical reasons and he arrived screaming at 35 weeks and six days.

Panoramic tours

Birth Center postpartum room

After your baby is born, we move you to an elegant, private postpartum room to continue bonding with your newborn. Each room features luxury amenities and all the comforts of home including private soaking tubs, rocking chair, flat-screen TV, wireless Internet and refrigerator.

Click on the image below and move your mouse to view the entire room.

Still photo tour