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  Cancer Care

Support services at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

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Medical nutrition therapy

Eating difficulties are often an unfortunate side-effect of cancer. A registered dietitian is available at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® to assist with nutritional assessments and strategic goal setting to help reduce symptoms, maintain weight and improve food intake. For more information call 612-863-9076.

The Cancer Resource Center

Located on the fourth floor of the Piper Building, the Cancer Resource Center offers a comfortable place to learn in a supportive environment. Professional staff members and volunteers can help you locate information and guide you through a large inventory of current information on cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment options and supportive services.

Cancer-related information is available in books, videos, audiocassettes, CDs, brochures, articles and through the internet. For more information, call 612-863-3150.

Palliative care service

Abbott Northwestern Hospital's palliative care service emphasizes improvement in quality of life for patients with complex needs at any stage of illness. It is available to patients and families experiencing the challenges of symptom management, chronic and advanced illness and difficult decision-making regarding care goals and treatment options. Consults can be requested by calling 612-863-4444, or by physician order.

Healing coach

A diagnosis of cancer involves many challenges and choices. By embracing all aspects of who you are, mind, body, heart and spirit, a healing coach can help you map a path that is right for you. , is a healing coach at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute - Abbott Northwestern Hospital. In a nurturing environment, she offers ongoing emotional support, information and referrals to integrative therapies, and can:

  • assist in developing a healing plan and serve as a coach in implementing the plan throughout your treatment and recovery
  • help you cope with the uncertainties that come from a cancer diagnosis
  • empower you within the health care system
  • provide education to create a bridge between the worlds of mainstream medicine and integrative therapy approaches, and assist in determining therapies that best address your ongoing needs
  • facilitate an understanding of the potential life-changing nature of illness and explore how to best meet your individual needs
  • provide guidance for parents to address the challenges and effects your diagnosis and ongoing treatment needs have on children
  • facilitate communication between family members and other support persons
  • provide opportunities to learn how to manage stress, including relaxation techniques and guided imagery
  • help you find your own inner wisdom and use it to live fully.

For additional information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 612-863-0200.