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Abbott Northwestern Hospital

  Cancer Care

Pancreatic Cancer Program

Nurse coordinator

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A program of:

The diagnosis and treatment of tumors of the pancreas is complex. Our goal is to provide the best experiences and outcomes for our patients and their families.

Our staff

The expert physicians and staff of our Pancreatic Cancer Program develop personal treatment plans for patients. They use modern surgical techniques, advanced clinical trials and current radiation therapies. They also participate in monthly treatment planning conferences to review recent cases. This helps improve the consistency and quality of care.

Cancer care coordinators
Medical oncologists
Radiation oncologists

High volumes for better outcomes

Pancreatic surgery is complex and it is a foundation of pancreatic cancer care. The outcomes of pancreatic surgery are best when done by experienced surgeons in hospitals with thorough support services.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital's Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® is a high volume center for pancreatic surgery with a complete support staff to optimize care before, during and afterward.

Advanced technology

Innovations in pancreatic cancer care are the standard at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute®. Within the Pancreatic Cancer Program, these advancements include pioneering minimally invasive pancreatic resections, now including da Vinci-aided robotic Whipple procedures, advanced endoscopic interventions (complex ERCP, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) and Spyglass intraductal endoscopy) and leading clinical trials.

Our medical oncologists are leaders in clinical research and bring the newest and most promising chemotherapy options to our patients. Our radiation oncologists have the most advanced equipment including IMRT and SRS (stereotactic radiosurgery).