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Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Visiting us

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Abbott Northwestern Hospital is also accessible via public transportation. Use the Metro Transit Trip Planner for detailed route information.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital
800 E. 28th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

Get directions from your location
Maps and directions are subject to change due to hospital expansion and road construction. For up-to-date information, call Abbott Northwestern's directions line at 612-863-5550.

Main parking ramp

Parking is available for patients and visitors in our main public parking ramp, located next to the Heart Hospital on the main campus. Height clearance is 6'10”

Parking ramp rates *
0 to 15 min $0
15 min to 30 min $2
30 min to 1.5 hr $4
1.5 to 2 hrs $5
2 to 4 hrs $6
4 to 5 hrs $7
5 to 6 hrs $8
6 to 7 hrs $9
7 to 24 hrs $10
Each additional 24 hrs $5
Maximum total fee $25

Discount coupons are available at the parking ramp - $20 for 5 exits.
Temporary permits are available from the main entrance valet - $30 for 2 weeks.
*Rates subject to change.

Alternative parking ramp north of the hospital
Valet parking
Street parking
Emergency Department parking
Handicap parking
Patient pick-up and short-term parking
After hours parking and hospital access
Parking safety and enforcement
Abbott Northwestern campus map key to campus map

Campus map

Download the printable Campus map


The main admitting desk for inpatient and outpatient care is in the lobby of the main hospital.

Information desks

Information desks can be found in the lobbies of the Main Hospital, the Piper Building, and the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Additional amenities

Abbott Northwestern offers a wide range of amenities for patients and their families. These include:

  • Dining options
  • Spiritual care
  • Nearby lodging
  • A gift shop
  • Pharmacies that will fill take-home prescriptions at three locations: the Piper Building, the Heart Hospital and the Medical Building
  • ATM machines are located in the lobby of the Courage (Sister) Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and in the Piper Building.
  • Wireless high-speed internet access, called GuestNet on our campus, is available to anyone with a laptop or other wireless device.
  • Courtesy computers for general use are also provided in our main lobby, Heart Hospital, Surgery Waiting areas and other locations on our campus.
  • Cell phone charging stations are located in our main lobby, Lab and Radiology registration and Surgery Waiting areas.
  • Newspapers can be purchased in the main and Courage (Sister) Kenny lobbies, Heart Hospital skyway level and Piper Building.
  • Mail and stamps – small quantities of stamps may be purchased from the ANSwer Gift Shop. Outgoing mailboxes are located in the main and Courage (Sister) Kenny lobbies, Heart Hospital skyway level and Piper Building.

General visiting hours:

  • Any time, depending on a patient's condition, accommodations, and care plan.
  • Ask the patient's nurse about good times to visit.

Mental Health units:

  • Adult units:
    • Daily: noon – 1:30 p.m.
    • Monday-Friday: 6-8 p.m.
    • Saturday and Sunday: noon – 8 p.m.
    • Visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children and adolescent units:
    • Monday-Friday: 5-8 p.m.
    • Only legal guardians and siblings may visit on weekdays.
    • Saturday-Sunday: noon-8 p.m.
    • Family, friends who are 18 or older, and friends who are 17 years or younger and accompanied by the patient's legal guardian may visit on weekends.

Total visitors are limited to three people at any one time.

Children age five and younger must visit in a conference room and be supervised by their/parent guardian. This age group is not allowed to visit outside of a conference room.

Request to visitors:

  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Anyone with symptoms of a contagious disease should stay home.

Visitor entrances:

  • All Entrances are open 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • After 8 p.m., check in with security at the: Emergency Department entrance, main entrance, or Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Lobby entrance.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital's transportation program provides van service to the hospital and affiliated metropolitan area physicians' offices for patients coming from Greater Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Riders will be billed for the ride and can select from a number of payment options, including cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

About the Van Service

Allina Health Emergency Medical Services provides van transportation, one-way or round trip, to the main hospital campus, the Center for Outpatient Care in Edina and affiliated physicians' offices in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Patients qualifying for this service include those who:

  • have been referred to the hospital or its affiliated physicians by their hometown physician
  • can meet the van at designated sites within a 175-mile radius of the hospital
  • can get into and out of a van with minimal assistance and travel independently up to four hours

The Pricing Structure

Due to government regulations, the pricing structure for van transportation has changed. As a result, the fare increased for rides more than 50 miles from the hospital. One additional adult rider per patient is allowed at no extra cost.

Number of Miles

One-Way Fare

Round Trip Fare













Van rides are also available for free to those who meet certain income guidelines. To obtain an “Application for Financial Assistance” form, call the Van Service coordinator at 1-800-258-1210.

Pickup and Drop Off Locations

Vans are scheduled to visit specific communities on specific days. Each Van Service community has a designated pick up location.

The Van Service coordinator will confirm the time and place of pickup when the reservation is verified. Patients should be available 15 minutes prior to their scheduled pickup time. Due to time restrictions, the van can only wait five minutes after the scheduled pickup time.

There may also be a delay on the return trip based on all passengers' needs that day, especially if another patient's appointment runs later than expected. In most situations, the van driver will make every effort to depart as close to the scheduled time as possible.

Please keep in mind that other patients will be on the van with you. As a result, there may be stops on the way to the hospital so the van can pick up other patients. The drivers may also stop at a patient's request anytime during the trip.

To Schedule Van Transportation

To schedule van transportation or for more information, call the Van Service coordinator at 1-800-258-1210.

Public Transportation

Abbott Northwestern is also accessible via public transportation. Go to the Metro Transit Web site for detailed information about using public transportation to reach the hospital.