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Abbott Northwestern Hospital

LiveWell® Fitness Center

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Livewell Fitness Center is in the lower level of the Wasie Building at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Visiting Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

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At the Penny George Institute's LiveWell® Fitness Center, we encourage everyone to seek their highest level of well-being every day.

Our nutrition, fitness and motivational coaching staff have the highest credentials in their fields. They offer services and classes to support you in developing a customized, comprehensive plan to meet your health and fitness goals - whether you want to:

  • increase your strength
  • get in shape
  • lose weight
  • achieve another health goal.

We serve individuals who are:

  • new to exercise
  • seeking a better work/life balance
  • looking to advance their current exercise or athletic program
  • in need of additional motivation
  • experiencing a chronic condition
  • dealing with stabilized injuries or disabilities.

LiveWell Interactive Online Health and Wellness portal

The Livewell Interactive Online Health and Wellness portal is your portal for health and wellness programs, coaching and special health initiatives such as the "Health is Wealth" challenge.

Wellness Coach Molly Ellefson

How to successfully weather the winter blahs

The shorter, darker days of late autumn and winter can sap your energy and make you feel blue, sluggish and stressed.

Wellness Coach Molly Ellefson offers tips to elevate your mood and beat the winter blues.

Services and classes

We offer services and classes for LiveWell Fitness Center members and the general public that:

  • range from weight management programs to personal nutrition counseling to yoga
  • are based on scientific evidence and offered by experts in exercise and nutrition
  • are designed to help you achieve a personal health goal, such as losing weight, getting active after a disease, or simply improving well-being.

See a comprehensive list of LiveWell services and view our classes.

Health coaching

Removing the barriers to better health

Integrative health and wellness coach Molly Ellefson says, "People often know what they need to do for better health, but they have trouble putting it into practice. My job is to help them put knowledge into action."


Exercise science specialists ?

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Exercise science specialists

An exercise science specialist can work with you to develop exercise programs to enhance your overall health.

Nutritionist specialist ?

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Nutrition specialist

A nutrition specialist works with you to achieve your nutrition, health and healing goals.

Health and wellness coaches ?

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Health and wellness coaches

These coaches engage with participants to support them in making lifestyle changes and in succeeding in managing stress, eating healthy, being active, sleeping well and staying motivated.

To become a member
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Standard hours

Monday to Thursday: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Friday: 6 a.m to 4 p.m.

Members who are Allina Health employees have 24/7 access using employee access cards.

Membership eligibility

The LiveWell Fitness Center offers convenience and highly affordable rates to employees of Abbott Northwestern and Allina Health, Children's Hospitals and Clinics, and Abbott Northwestern affiliates. Short-term employees and interns may also qualify.

Family memberships may be available for Abbott Northwestern and Children's Hospital employees, depending on the club's total enrollment. Call the fitness center for details.


Enrollment fee

$15 - Abbott Northwestern and Allina Health employees

$20 - Children's Hospitals and Clinics and affiliates

Monthly membership fees

Payroll deduction option:

$12.50 per pay period - Abbott Northwestern and Allina Health employees (single membership)

$15.50 per pay period - Children's Hospitals and Clinics and Allina Health affiliates

Payment (discounted)

$146 for six months - Abbott Northwestern and Allina Health employees (single membership)

$181 for six months - Children's Hospitals and Allina Health affiliates

Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.

Enrollment fee and discounted payments are taxable.

Fitness center equipment

The LiveWell Fitness Center features a variety of cardiovascular and strength training equipment as well as a state-of-the-art cardio theater and Exerlog computerized logging program.

Equipment includes:

  • treadmills
  • stationary bicycles
  • elliptical machines
  • step mill
  • recumbent steppers
  • Pilates Reformer equipment
  • free motion and hoist strength training equipment
  • free weights and dumbbells.

Employee members may also use the Wasie Therapeutic Swimming Pool during specified employee hours.

Products and gift certificates

The LiveWell Fitness Center offers a number of products to support your health, such as:

  • commercial quality TheraBands, balance disks, stability balls and foam rollers
  • water bottles
  • heart (RATE) monitors
  • healthy snacks
  • and more.

Also available are gift certificates of any amount for colleagues, friends or family. They can be used towards programs, services or products.