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Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Middle school students make a difference in cancer care

Bailey Luna and Emily Wright

Give now and designate your donation to the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute®.

When 14-year-old students Bailey Luna and Emily Wright organized a dodge ball tournament fundraiser at Olson Middle School in Bloomington, the decision on where to donate the funds was an easy one.

A friend had recently died from breast cancer and during her years of treatment, she was cared for at Piper Breast Center®. At the funeral, the family talked about the compassionate, expert care she had received. For Luna and Wright, both members of the student council, donating the proceeds to Piper Breast Center gave the tournament a special meaning and purpose.

Luna’s mother, Kirsten Luna, works at Abbott Northwestern in nutrition services. A cancer survivor, she is proud of her daughter’s giving spirit. “Knowing someone personally who was treated at Piper Breast Center really made an impact on Bailey,” she said. “They all agreed that donating the funds locally was really important.”

In May, the students had an opportunity to present their donation and meet Carol Bergen, manager, Piper Breast Center. Bergen explained the importance of gifts in providing comprehensive breast care, advanced treatment options and ongoing research to improve patient outcomes. “All donations are used to directly benefit patients and the expert care we provide,” said Bergen.

In 2010, Bergen explained, approximately 25,000 patients were cared for at Piper Breast Center. Of those, 700 were diagnosed with breast cancer.

“It’s thrilling to see these young women contributing to others,” added Bergen.