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Abbott Northwestern Hospital

The Mother Baby Center will keep parents and babies together

Anna, Jeffrey, Harriet and  Josef Gram

Anna, Harriet, Jeffrey and Josef Gram

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Anna and Jeffrey Gram expected to attend an “All About Babies” class one day in late 2010. But when Anna woke up not feeling well, she went to Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Maternal Assessment Center instead and quickly learned she would instead be delivering twins.

Josef and Harriet Gram were born 12 weeks early, weighing less than five pounds combined. The babies were whisked away to the neonatal intensive care unit at Children’s - Minneapolis across the street, where they stayed for more than two months.

Anna recovered at Abbott Northwestern. She and Jeffrey remember most the great care Anna and the twins received and the work nurses did keeping them informed and educated about their newborns.

They also remember making the trek through a long underground tunnel back and forth between Anna’s room and Children’s-Minneapolis to see their babies. “It seemed like it was so far away,” she said.

They say The Mother Baby Center being built by Abbott Northwestern and Children’s - Minneapolis will allow parents to stay closer to their newborn children and will make it easier for them to celebrate their babies with family and friends.

The center will prevent separations and provide faster access to neonatal nurses, doctors and often vital care, said Mari Holt, director of Nursing for WomenCare. “This will be so beneficial to families.”

Now 2, the Gram twins are healthy and happy. “By all accounts they are doing fine,” Jeffrey said. “They’re thriving.”