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Abbott Northwestern Hospital

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Abbott Northwestern Hospital
800 East 28th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407
612-863-4000 | Email us
Map and directions

If you have an issue about the care of a patient, please contact our patient representatives during regular business hours at 612-863-5391 or by email. If you have general comments or questions, email us.

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Emergency phone numbers

Ambulance/Emergencies 911 Poison Control 1-800-222-1222 (toll free)

Phone directory

Patient Information 612-863-4000 Allina Health Physician Referral 612-262-3333
Information/Operator 612-863-4000 TTY (for hearing impaired) 612-863-5165
Pre-Registration 612-262-7878
or 1-888-660-0014
Financial Counselor 612-863-4385
Directions Line 612-863-5550 Allina Health Class Registration 1-866-904-9962
Parking 612-863-8347 Volunteer Office 612-863-4281
Hotel Accommodations 612-821-7600 Business Office 612-262-9000
Van Transportation Services 1-800-258-1210 Lost and Found 612-863-5678
Security/Personal Escort 612-863-5416 Media Relations 612-863-4801
Price estimate for medical services 612-262-4930 Patient care concerns 612-863-5391