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Take Action Weight Management Program offers tools for success

Sue Gregerson

A diagnosis of early breast cancer became a strong motivator for Sue Gregerson to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Fortunately, she found all the tools she needed through the Take Action Weight Management Program.

Gregerson was no stranger to dieting, but her previous efforts to lose weight “were not great experiences. I would lose interest because I never had all the information that I needed to succeed. That’s what the Take Action program gave me,” she said.

“I learned so much through the personalized testing and assessments, and through the goal-setting with the wellness coach. It was an awakening,” said Gregerson. The dietician, exercise physiologist and wellness coach "are dedicated to helping you meet your goals."

Within a month, Gregerson had more energy and noticed other improvements. That kept her motivated. After losing a significant amount of weight, Gregerson has now moved on to the Take Action maintenance program. “Instead of a diet, I’m learning to change my lifestyle,” said Gregerson.

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