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Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Etta and Elsie's birth story at Abbott Northwestern

Pete, Becky, Etta and Elsie Slabiak

Pete, Becky, Etta (left front) and Elsie (right front) Slabiak

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It’s been an extraordinary year for Becky and Pete Slabiak and their twin girls, Etta and Elsie.

In the fall of 2011, the girls made a dramatic entrance into the world. Just 31 weeks pregnant, Becky went into labor and had an emergency cesarean section at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

The baby girls were moved to Children’s - Minneapolis to their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. “I’ll never forget traveling back and forth through the tunnel from my room at Abbott Northwestern to see the girls,” Becky said.

Now, Etta and Elsie are “beautiful, healthy and strong. Every day, when we look at our daughters, we know how fortunate we were to be at Abbott Northwestern where incredible people performed incredible feats,” Becky said.

Abbott Northwestern and Children’s - Minneapolis are growing stronger, too. They are building The Mother Baby Center, due to open on Feb. 4, 2013. The new birthing center, born out of a partnership between the two hospitals, will have everything mom, baby and a family need in one location.

Families like the Slabiaks, who need a higher level of care, will take comfort in knowing that the center’s labor and delivery rooms are located just steps away from Children’s neonatal intensive care unit.

“Our entire care team will never be forgotten,” Becky said. “Pete and I will for sure be coming back when we decide to have another baby … or babies.”