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Epic Beaker Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Allina Health will complete its transition to the Epic Beaker Laboratory Information System (LIS) June 2014 for Central Lab and Abbott Northwestern Hospital laboratory. Clinical work, including microbiology and sendouts, will transition to Beaker Friday, April 11. Anatomic pathology will transition Tuesday, June 3.

 What is Beaker?
 Will my patient reports look different?
 Will anything change with patient corrected reports?
 How will abnormal values be flagged?
 Will my reports appear different between Ultra and Beaker?
 How will reports be distributed to my office?
 Will my routine report print times change?
 When do my STAT and Lab results that require action (CRITICAL) routine reports print?
Will the appearance of my invoice change?
Who do I call for Billing support?
 Will I continue to receive daily billing logs in Beaker?

Glossary of Beaker terms and definitions


Allina Health Laboratory new Laboratory Information System (LIS) integrated with Excellian, the Allina Health electronic health record (EHR).

Interim state

Term used for the time after first Beaker go-live until the final Beaker go-live.

Specimen number

A unique number assigned by Beaker for each test ordered. It’s made up of separate sections each representing a different piece of information including the year, lab abbreviation, Julian day, lab section code and a specimen counter.

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