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Test Name:Chromosomal Microarray Analysis (CMA) - Blood
Test Number:Cytogenetics/CYG: CTGE
Collect:1 tube each whole blood in Sodium Heparin and EDTA tubes.
5 ml each blood tube for Adults
Peds Collect:2 ml each blood tube for Children/Infants
Alternate Collect:None
Container:1 tube each: Sodium Heparin Tube (Dark Green) and EDTA Tube (Lavender)
Processing:Submit UNSPUN
Transport/Stability:Room Temperature - Do Not Heat or Freeze
Alternate Names:CMA, CGH, aCGH, array CGH, mircroarray, comparative genomic hybridization, cytogenomic array
Performing Lab:AHL - Cytogenetics Laboratory
Days Set Up:Monday - Friday
Expected TAT:14 Days*
*TAT may be extended if additional confirmation studies are needed.
Ref. Ranges:NA
Processing Details:
Draw and send unspun tubes of whole blood in both Sodium Heparin and EDTA.
Both tubes of blood are required for testing.
CPT Codes:Call 612-863-0400 for CPT codes
Clinical Utilities:Chromosomal Microarray Test Information
Date Created:07/03/2012
Revised Date:09/04/2012