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Test Name:Vitamin D 1,25 Dihydroxy
Test Number:82652.0
Collect:2.5 ml Serum - Plain Red
Peds Collect:1.2 ml Serum - Plain Red
Alternate Collect:2.5 ml Serum - SST; Acceptable but Serum must be transfered to a Screw Top Transfer Vial.
Container:MAYO - Screw Cap Transfer Vial
Processing:Spin and separate
Transport/Stability:Refrigerated (preferred) - 7 days
Frozen - 14 days
Ambient - 7 days
Alternate Names:1,25 Dihyroxyvitamin D, VD1, LAB293
Performing Lab:Mayo Medical Labs (DHVD/8822); R-MM
Days Set Up:Mo - Fr
Expected TAT:2 - 3 days
Ref. Ranges:M ≥: 18-64 pg/ml
F ≥: 18-78 pg/ml
Processing Details:
Specimen should be collected from a Fasting Patient (4 hour Fast Preferred).
Useful for: Differential diagnosis of hypercalcemia; used to monitor dietary deficiency or toxicity in the presence of renal disease, may be useful in investigation of some patients with clinical Vitamin D deficiency due to hereditary deficiency ofn renal 1-alpha hydroxylase.
SST Acceptable but MUST be Transfered to a Screw Top Transfer Vial before transport.
Method:Cartridge Extraction/LC/MS/MS
CPT Codes:82652
Date Created:08/06/2007
Revised Date:07/25/2014