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Test Name:BCR/ABL, Qualitative Diagnostic Assay
Test Number:LAB994
Collect:5 ml EDTA Whole Blood
Alternate Collect:3 ml EDTA Bone Marrow
Container:Original Lavendar Top Tube (EDTA)
Processing:DO NOT SPIN; Submit Entire Specimen
Transport/Stability:Preferred Ambient <72 hours; Refrigerated <72 hours OK; Frozen: NO
Alternate Names:Philadelphia Chromosome Ph1 Bone Marrow/Blood, mRNA Detection, MSO
Performing Lab:Mayo Medical Labs (89006); R-MM
Days Set Up:Mo - Fr
Expected TAT:5 - 10 Days
Ref. Ranges:A qualitative result is provided that indicates the presence or absence of BCR/ABL mRNA. When positive, the fusion variant is also reported.
Processing Details:
Note: 1. The following information is required: A. Pertinent clinical history-please confirm that this test is being ordered for the purposes of making an initial diagnosis B. Date of draw C. Specimen source (blood or bone marrow) Useful to: Aid in the diagnostic workup for patients with bcr/abl-positive neoplasms, predominantly chronic myeloid leukemia and acute lymphocytic leukemia.  When positive, the test identifies which mRNA fusion variant is present to guide selection of an appropriate monitoring assy.  If a quantitative monitoring assay is not available for a rare fusion variant, this assay may be of some value for monitoring, as it is quite sensitive and can provide a positive or negative result.
Method:Reverse Transcription PCR
CPT Codes:83891; 83900 x2; 83901 x10; 83902; 83914 x2; 83912
Date Created:02/15/2011
Revised Date:06/16/2014