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Test Name:Heparin Antibodies, IgG Specific
Test Number:LAB8771
Collect: 3ml Blue (NaCi) Top
Alternate Collect:None
Container:2- Frozen Plasma Aliquots in Screw Top Transfer Vials - Non-False Bottom (preferred)
Processing:Double Spin, Separate, & Freeze
Alternate Names:HIT, HAT, PHA (poly), GHA
Performing Lab:AHL - Coagulation; W
Days Set Up:Daily (11 AM)
Expected TAT:Same Day - If received by 10:30 AM
Ref. Ranges:Negative
Processing Details:
NACi (Lt Blue) is the Preferred specimen, however serum is still an acceptable specimen. If only serum is collected, the specimen will not be rejected.
NaCi tube MUST be filled to the proper level.
Prior to freezing, the NaCi tube MUST be processed into Platelet Poor Plasma by double centrifugation.
Freeze TWO separate appropriately labeled aliquots. * Minimum 0.5 ml for each aliquot. Place a blue “NaCi Plasma P.P.P.” sticker on each aliquot.
CPT Codes:86022 86022 (if reflex appropriate)
Supply Connection:Coagulation Transport Tube
Date Created:05/04/2011
Revised Date:06/24/2014