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Test Name:Factor V Leiden Mutation
Test Number:LAB5635/FVL
Collect:5ml EDTA Whole Blood
Alternate Collect:5 ml ACD (Yellow Top) or Na Citrate (Blue Top) whole blood
Container:Lavender Top Tube (EDTA)
Processing:Submit Tube Unspun
Transport/Stability:Ambient: OK
Refrigerated: OK
Alternate Names:APC Resistance Mutation, G1691A, Coagulation Factor V
Performing Lab:AHL - Molecular
Days Set Up:Varies
Expected TAT:7 Days
Ref. Ranges:
Processing Details:
This is a genetic test and needs only to be performed once in a lifetime.
Specimen may be refrigerated.
Only ONE (1) tube needs to be drawn for any combination of the following tests: FVL (Factor V Leiden Mutation), F2M (Factor 2 Mutation), JAK (JAK2 V617F Mutation Detection) and HH (Hereditary Hematchromatosis).
Questions - call Molecular Lab at 612-863-4475.
Method:Roche LightCycler
CPT Codes:81241
Date Created:11/30/2001
Revised Date:06/16/2014