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Robina LifeCourseTM

Back row: Katie Herman, chaplain; Kathy Bassett, care guide; Allison Chant, marriage and family therapist; Dionne Blood, social worker; Front Row: James Friedman, nurse; Megan K. Ellingson, care guide; Deborah Jones, care guide; Brenda Nelson, pharmacist;.

Back row: Katie, chaplain; Kathy, care guide; Allison, marriage and family therapist; Dionne, social worker.

Front Row: James, nurse; Megan, care guide; Deborah, care guide; Brenda, pharmacist.

For more information about the LifeCourse research project, call Kim Radel, project director, at 612-262-6086 or e-mail

With the support of a multi-million dollar grant from the Robina Foundation, Allina Health has begun a multi-year study, called LifeCourseTM, that aims to establish a new way of providing care. The formal study begins in early 2013 after a four-month preliminary trial, and will focus on 400 to 500 individuals living with dementia, stage three and four cancer and heart failure.

We know that individuals and their loved ones often struggle with medical and non-medical challenges when living with a serious illness. This research program will study a whole-person approach to supporting them, and those that care for them, as they face challenges.

The goal of LifeCourse is to support study participants by exploring and providing resources to help those with serious illness to live as they wish. The LifeCourse team walks beside individuals and families during their journey, working together with the entire health care team.

At the center of the LifeCourse team is a care guide who partners with each individual and their key family members and friends. The care guide is interested in what is most important to them so that they can live well. The care guide is backed up by an expert team made up of a chaplain, marriage and family therapist, social worker, pharmacist and nurse. LifeCourse will work together with the individual's existing doctor(s) to help them and their loved ones realize their goals.