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Health Powered Kids™ by Allina Health

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Health Powered Kids™ is a free community education program created by Allina Health and designed with a singular focus: to empower kids to make healthier choices about what to eat, how to stay active, staying clean and managing stress.

At, you can access more than 50 on-and-offline lessons and activities for children and teens to be used at school, home, after-school programs, daycare and community groups (such as Girl Scouts and the YMCA).

"I started using the exercises on to help my class burn off a little extra energy and refocus during the long afternoons. By accessing the website directly from my classroom, the kids can see the visuals right on the board. They love it."

Erin Cramer, third-grade teacher, Park Brook Elementary

"As a clinical psychologist, I've seen first-hand just how influential support groups are on children and teens... This summer, I was excited to develop a group for kids that focused on healthy living using the Health Powered Kids™ curriculum.

The kids learned about food labels and took a trip to the grocery store to apply their knowledge, heightened their understanding of the human body and how it works, made fruit smoothies and juice drinks with kale and spinach (which they were surprised to like), and engaged in a fitness challenge counting their steps using pedometers!

I highly recommend that all medical and mental health professionals who work with kids and families include this curriculum in their practice."

Lisa Herman, PsyD, Allina Health St. Michael Clinic

Health Powered Kids™

Allina Health is rolling out a program to help kids get healthy and maintain active lifestyles. FOX 9's Karen Scullin talked to Susan Nygaard, RN, manager of community health improvement, Allina Health, about Health Powered Kids™.

Health Powered Kids™ program available to public for free

Health Powered Kids™, a new online educational resource by Allina Health, designed to empower children ages 3-14 to make healthier choices about eating, exercising, keeping clean and managing stress, is now available to the public.

The website,, provides free, easy-to-use information about health and fitness. It features more than 50 lessons and activities for children to learn from teachers, school staff, homeschool educators, daycare providers, community groups and parents.

Power by the Hour

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Health Powered Kids™ originated from a curriculum called Power by the Hour. Allina Health gave the curriculum to area school districts and YMCAs to empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices hour by hour.

The nutrition education and physical fitness program included a series of one-hour classes. Each class consists of a fun half-hour of hands-on nutrition education followed by a half-hour of physical fitness. Students received a weekly health incentive item.

Curriculum outline

The goal was to improve the health of students and their families by having them choose to eat healthier foods, increase their physical activity level and increase their knowledge of physical activity and nutritious food items.

Level 1: Kindergarten to 2nd grade
Level 2: 3rd to 6th grade
Level 3: 3rd to 6th grade

Videos and news

Lafayette Charter School partnered with Allina Health to help students increase their physical activity and make good food choices through the Power by the Hour curriculum.

Power by the Hour is getting national attention for its effectiveness. Susan Nygaard, Allina Health community programs manager, shares how Minnesota YMCAs are using Power by the Hour to get children excited about physical activity and good nutrition.

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