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Center for Healthcare Research & Innovation
at Allina Health

One way Allina Health is giving back to the community is through the Center for Healthcare Research & Innovation.

The Center serves as a catalyst for change in health care locally and nationally and advances the Allina Health strategic vision.

Robina LifCourse care guides who partner with each individual and their key family members and friends

Robina LifeCourseTM
The goal of LifeCourse is to support study participants by exploring and providing resources to help those with serious illness to live as they wish. The LifeCourse team walks beside individuals and families during their journey, working together with the entire health care team.

Bob smiles as his care guide goes over his care plan with him at the doctor's office

Robina Care Guide Project
With the support of a grant from the Robina Foundation, Allina Health piloted a new approach to primary care: Using care guides to help patients with chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure manage their health.

The Allina Health commitment is unique.

Allina Health hopes to become a national leader in creating innovative, sustainable models of care and sharing best practices and innovation.

The Center for Healthcare Research & Innovation leverages the experiences of others and seek collaborative partnerships as it fosters innovative approaches to providing care:

  • New models for care and coverage for underserved populations
  • Investment in innovative community health improvement initiatives
  • Support for clinical research and other health care innovations
  • Developing new approaches to care and disseminating that knowledge widely