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Understanding Stroke Online Manual

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Stroke recovery: Planning for care after your hospital stay

You, your family and health care team will work on planning for your care after your hospital stay. This planning begins shortly after you enter the hospital.

Discharge planning is important. You and your family will decide on recovery goals, and hospital staff can give you a list of resources to help aid your recovery.

Possible options after your hospital stay include:

  • home with no other treatment
  • home with visits from home care staff
  • home and therapy
  • assisted living apartment our building
  • rehab in a nursing home or other health care facility
  • rehab center
  • nursing home.


Source: Allina Patient Education, Understanding Stroke: Information about Stroke and Recovery, fourth edition, ISBN 1-931876-13-4

First published: 02/01/2006
Last updated: 12/09/2011

Reviewed by: Allina Patient Education experts