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Sports medicine


Whether you are an occasional exerciser or a high-performance athlete, our team of experts can help you prevent or deal with injury or illness as you exercise on your own or as part of a team. Our surgeons and physicians are board certified in sports medicine.

Sports medicine providers treat a variety of injuries including acute injuries (such as ankle sprains, muscle strains, knee and shoulder injuries and fractures) and overuse injuries (such as tendonitis and stress fractures).

Services include:

  • pre-participation physical exams
  • strength training and conditioning programs
  • injury prevention
  • injury assessments and management
  • "return to play" decisions
  • mild traumatic brain injury and other head injuries
  • chronic or acute illness (such as mononucleosis or asthma)
  • sports psychology issues
  • addressing banned-substance use

To make an appointment with Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists,
get a referral from your doctor or call 1-866-811-3091 or 952-946-9777.




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