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Beginnings: Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

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For dads and partners

To do list

Take care of your own health

Learn about pregnancy

Go to your partner's prenatal visits.

Find ways to help your partner deal with the changes of pregnancy.

Spend time with your partner focusing on your baby and how you want to parent.

Spend time interacting with your developing baby.

Learn about childbirth. Attend childbirth classes with your partner.

Work with your partner to create a birth plan.

Learn baby care skills and how to support your baby's feedings.

Find ways to be close with your partner.

Take care of your baby while he is in the hospital.

Find ways to help with household and baby care.

Spend time each day holding and playing with your baby

Register for parenting classes like these:

Go to or call Allina Health Class Registration at 1-866-904-9962.

Forms and worksheets

Adobe Reader required to view worksheetThe labor companion's quick checklist


Voluntary paternity establishment

Go to free Adobe Reader download site.