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Getting pregnant: When is it time for medical help?

While most couples get pregnant with little trouble, others may need medical help.

What to try first

When you're trying to conceive, both you and your partner should...

You should also make sure that you get your minimum daily requirement of folic acid, which can help to prevent certain birth defects of the brain and spinal cord.

Most pharmacies carry ovulation kits, which can help you to pinpoint closely the time that you are most likely to conceive.

When to see your doctor

But sometimes, no matter what you do, pregnancy doesn't happen as soon as you'd like.

  • If you are younger than 35 and have not become pregnant after a year of unprotected intercourse, it's a good idea for you and your partner to see your doctor to try to find out what is preventing conception.
  • If you are 35 or older, it's best not to wait longer than six months.

Infertility can affect women and men. Trouble conceiving is related to the woman's infertility about 40 percent of the time. Another 40 percent of the time, it's the man's infertility. In 20 percent of cases, both partners contribute to the problem.

But remember, infertility is not the same as sterility, which means that pregnancy is not possible.

To understand your particular case of infertility, your obstetrician/gynecologist will probably discuss the medical history of both you and your partner, conduct a physical exam and then recommend a routine infertility work-up. The results of the tests will help indicate the kinds of treatment options that are right for you.

Get support

Having trouble conceiving can be a stressful time for you and your partner.

  • Make sure to communicate openly with each other, and get other support if you think it will help you.
  • Ask your health care provider about infertility support groups near you.

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Source: Health Online, Inc.

First published: 11/02/1999
Last updated: 10/14/2007

Reviewed by: Michael Slama, MD, Allina Health Mercy Women's Health Clinic