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Second trimester: A good time to plan for your family's mental and spiritual health

"I miss that second trimester so much," said Elizabeth during her third trimester of pregnancy.

The second trimester is the easiest time in the pregnancy for most women. The nausea and fatigue common in the first trimester are usually gone, and the body is not enlarging to the extent that it does towards the end of the pregnancy.

Women often say they have more trouble sleeping and concentrating during the third trimester than during the second. That's why the second trimester is a good time to start planning for the changes ahead in your life.

Finding balance amid the changes to come

Whether you call it mindfulness, religion, spirituality or a feeling of balance and connectedness, most of us need to take part in some kind of practice to keep our lives meaningful. This can be anything from a deep appreciation of nature, to attendance at church or synagogue, to breathing exercises or yoga and countless other activities.

As you experience the craziness of changing family dynamics and changing roles, you'll appreciate having a peaceful, inner calmness to draw on. Activities like these can help calm you when you're tense or upset:

  • sitting calmly and quietly for 20 or 30 minutes once or twice each day
  • reading spiritual or religious texts
  • taking a peaceful walk
  • learning yoga or tai chi
  • having a massage
  • relaxation techniques (can be learned from books, tapes or an instructor)

Involve your partner

If you do take up some kind of new activity, it's a great idea to talk with your partner and find something both of you are interested in doing. It can help you feel closely connected at any time. But it will be especially helpful after the baby comes, when both of you could feel more stress than usual due to lack of sleep and the new responsibility of being parents.

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Source: Health Online, Inc.

First published: 09/05/2000
Last updated: 10/14/2007

Reviewed by: Michael Slama, MD, Allina Health Mercy Women's Health Clinic