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Mom and baby continuing to grow, Month 6

Working to go full term
One of the most important things to focus on during the second trimester is the goal of giving birth to your baby as close to full term as possible. Read full story...

Epidural allows Mom to focus on what's important
This first-hand account endorses giving birth with an epidural. Read full story...

Giving birth naturally: A gift beyond words
This testimonial speaks strongly about the advantages of giving birth without an epidural. Read full story...

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When will my baby be born?
You should prepare for delivery well in advance of your due date. Read full story...

Your baby's hearing
Babies start to hear sounds by the 24th or 25th week. Read full story...

Treating hemorrhoids naturally
It's common to develop hemorrhoids during the second trimester and/or after having a baby. These natural methods may provide relief. Read full story...

Black beans with rice

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