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Starting your second trimester, Month 4

Fitting in a fitness plan
Generally, exercise during pregnancy helps you build strength and maintain energy for labor and delivery. It also can make losing post-partum weight easier. Read full story...

Second trimester: Tests you may have
The second trimester is by far the easiest for most women, but that doesn't mean you're guaranteed a complete holiday from needle sticks. Read full story...

Having an amniocentesis
In some circumstances, you doctor may recommend a test of your amniotic fluid. This can detect or rule out certain birth defects. Read full story...

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Tips & Recipes

Easing the itch of stretching skin
Dry skin can be especially difficult when you're pregnant. Read full story...

Stretch mark prevention
It is difficult to get rid of stretch marks, but this mixture might help prevent them. Read full story...

Summer pasta

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