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Maintaining health while planning ahead, Month 3

What about breastfeeding?
You might already be trying to figure out whether breastfeeding is the right thing for you and your baby. Here are some facts that might help you make your decision Read full story...

Miscarriage: More common than many realize
Miscarriage occurs in about 15 to 20 percent of all pregnancies, usually during the first trimester. Read full story...

Finding out you're carrying more than one
Most parents find out sometime during the first trimester that they are expecting multiples. The usual signs that you may be carrying more than one child include more than usual weight gain early on, or the sound of more than one heartbeat. Read full story...

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Pregnancy and your insurance
Make sure that you know exactly what your coverage will be in terms of tests, medications and procedures during birth and your hospital stay and baby coverage. Read full story...

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