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Prediabetes Online Manual

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One carbohydrate choice

The following list gives examples of some foods that are equal to one carbohydrate choice or 15 grams of carbohydrate.


1 slice bread (1 ounce)

4 to 6 small crackers

1 tortilla (6 inches)

13 cup pasta or rice (cooked)

¼ large bagel (1 ounce)

½ cup beans, peas, corn, sweet potatoes, winter squash or mashed or boiled potatoes (cooked)

½ hamburger or hot dog bun (1 ounce)

¼ large baked potato
(3 ounces)

¾ cup ready-to-eat unsweetened cereal

¾ ounce pretzels, potato or tortilla chips

½ cup cooked cereal

3 cups popcorn (popped)

1 cup broth-based soup with noodles, beans, rice or potatoes



1 small fresh fruit

15 small grapes

½ cup canned fruit in light syrup or its own juices

1 cup melon, berries

¼ cup dried fruit

2 tablespoons raisins


½ cup fruit juice


1 cup fat-free or reduced-fat milk

¾ cup fat-free yogurt sweetened with sugar-free sweetener (6 ounces)

1 cup soy milk


Sweets and desserts

2-inch square cake (unfrosted)

¼ cup sherbet or sorbet

2 small cookies

1 tablespoon syrup, jam, jelly, table sugar or honey

½ cup ice cream or frozen yogurt

2 tablespoons light syrup


Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Prediabetes: Reducing Type 2 Diabetes Risk Through a Lifestyle of Good Nutrition and Activity, first edition, dia-ahc-94403

First published: 04/02/2009
Last updated: 04/01/2014

Reviewed by: Allina Health's Patient Education Department experts