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Total Hip Replacement: Manual by Allina Health's Patient Education Department

The cover of Total Hip Replacment has an illustration of a new hip joint after replacement surgery.l
Much of the information in's Total Hip Replacement center comes from an Allina Health's Patient Education manual of the same title. The comprehensive, award-winning manual describes…

  • planning for surgery (discharge planning, insurance coverage, medicine, health care directive)
  • preparing for surgery (strengthening program, preparing your home, breathing exercises, what to bring to the hospital, what to the day of surgery)
  • surgery (visitors, anesthesia)
  • after surgery (how to manage pain, care equipment needed, care plan, preventing complications)
  • care after surgery (home exercise program, follow-up appointment)

There is a chapter of resources for discharge equipment, community resources and a glossary.

If you would like a copy of Total Hip Replacement, call Allina Health's Patient Education Department at 612-262-6069. The book costs $5 for one copy.

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