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Kidney Transplant Online Manual

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Kidney transplant surgeons

This surgery is being performed at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis by:

Other online resources

If you find information on a Web site, show it to your transplant coordinator to make sure it is medically correct. Reliable Web sites include:

Qualifying for a transplant

You will qualify to be on the kidney transplant list or receive a living kidney donation if you meet the criteria below.

If you have questions about your health, please ask your doctor or kidney transplant coordinator.


General health

You may not be able to be considered for a kidney transplant if you:

18 years or olderend-stage kidney disease or insufficiency (likely needing dialysis)have an infection
 life-expectancy of two years or longerhave a cancer that could spread or return, is not completely treated, or you have not been tumor-free for two to five years after the last treatment
  are a high risk for anesthesia
  have any illness that would keep you from rehabilitation
  have dependency to alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medicine
  are unable to follow a new lifestyle routine
  are HIV positive
  have severe obesity (body mass index greater than 40)


Source: Allina Patient Education, Kidney Transplant Information for Recipients and Donors, renal_ahc_93498

First published: 05/15/2009
Last updated: 05/15/2009

Reviewed by: Allina Patient Education experts, including the Transplantation Department of Abbott Northwestern Hospital