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Preparing for Your Hysterectomy Online Manual

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Before you arrive at the hospital

  • You may eat a light meal up to 8 hours before your surgery. You may eat: toast with jelly, bagel with cream cheese, an egg, yogurt with fruit, or cereal with milk. Choose one or two items from this list. Your light meal may also include fruit juice, water, coffee or tea (without milk, cream or half and half).
  • Do not eat any solid foods or drink anything that has milk, cream or half and half within 8 hours of your surgery. If you do, your surgery may be delayed or canceled.
  • You may drink clear liquids up to 3 hours before your surgery. You may drink: water, clear broth or bouillon, soda, Gatorade®, Jell-O® with no added fruit, Popsicles®, and coffee or tea (without milk, cream or half and half).
  • Take your prescribed heart, blood pressure, asthma, anti-Parkinson's, steroid, seizure or pain medicines as directed with a small sip of water, unless your health care provider gives you other instructions.
  • Bathe or shower. Dress in comfortable clothing.
  • Arrive at the hospital 2 hours before your surgery.


Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Preparing for Your Hysterectomy, gyn-ahc-95582

First published: 04/25/2013
Last updated: 04/25/2013

Reviewed by: Allina Health GYN (Gynecology) Care Council